Hunting damascus knives

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The best Damascus knives for you needs

General purpose of damascus knives

These damascus knives used in the attack to protect the animal. They consist of the handle and the blade should be a stopper for lasting hold the knife at the time of strikes and to provide hunter safety in use. Hunting damascus knives are divided into general-purpose types: folding, ungainly, collapsible. At the same time note that the separable and non-collapsible blade must firmly and tightly connected to the handle.

Hunting knives can be a general-purpose special sharpening. Such grinding may be around the blade or only a portion thereof. Not permitted the presence of defects on the blade, metal parts, etc. This can greatly reduce the safety and durability of the product. In addition, the knives of this type may contain additional domestic supplies ( awl, etc.) or special purpose (skinning blade, bone saw). The latter can be arranged separate subject. Damascus knives can be packed with embossed stamp manufacturer and the number required for its registration.

Special dual-purpose of damascus knives

These knives are a kind of cold bladed hunting weapons. They serve for killing large fish and animal, to protect against attacks, to perform operations such as handling their carcasses, skinning animals and other knives for processing carcasses and skinning may well be used for killing the beast, and at the time of the attack protection the hunter. Knives designed for hunting under water, also used for skinning and processing of carcasses, to protect the attack, finishing off a large fish and marine animals. Regarding design features hunting knives special dual-use them are divided into types: awkward, detachable and complex.

Damascus knives for special purposes

Such knives is a kind of household knives. They do not apply to melee weapons. Knives for special purposes have domestic purpose. These include: knives used for processing of carcasses and skinning in sports or hunting industry, as well as for domestic purposes in the home. There are three types of damascus knives for special purposes: teams, ungainly, collapsible.



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