Talalay or Dynasty mattress?

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Now, then manufacture companies use the method developed by them after pouring latex foam solution in the form of it is evacuated, wherein the foam evenly fills the entire form.

Subsequent rapid freezing alters the structure, the cells partially burst, then carbon dioxide is supplied, and the shape heated to cure the latex. Then the form is cooled again. And at the end of the resulting latex foam washed and dried.

Dynasty mattress reviews

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The method of Talalay longer and therefore more expensive than its predecessor, but it provides the mattress several times greater softness and breathability than previous technology, and has a more homogeneous network structure. Recently, natural latex is used in pure form rare increasingly it is mixed with a synthetic, that which allows to combine the advantages of both materials.
Synthetic latex is a polymer of synthesized isoprenes or other monomers (butadiene, styrene, neoprene, hlorpren, isobutylene, acrylonitrile, etc.), capable also processed by a rubber vulcanization. It is similar to a natural product for the chemical and physical properties, but different from the structure. For the manufacture of mattresses in pure form it is not used as a synthetic latex requires a long and complicated process, unlike natural rubber or its mixtures.

The developers of mattresses assign a recognizable names for some mixtures, such as Hydrolatex, Waterlatex, which have water molecules in intermolecular bonds, giving them an additional flexibility.

Science improves day by day, and many manufacturers are constantly modifying the structure of mattresses used for its production mix, improve the properties of polyurethane foam. One of popular mattress brand is dynasty mattress. Just find reviews on these mattresses online.



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