Choosing the best mattress for side sleepers

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Choosing these medium-hard and hard mattresses, you should pay attention to the filler and its characteristics.
The foam filler used in vacuum mattresses has a different types, including a memory foam.

It is also necessary to remember a density and stiffness of the mattress. The rigidity affects on the level of comfort. And than higher the density, then greater the burden will withstand the mattress, and that will be a longer service life.

“Ok, you have decided to get the best mattress for side sleepers. Buying a good orthopedic mattress from latex is not as easy as going to a mall and buying one, based on brand or model.” Which of them are the best mattress for side sleepers? Read more about this at

Another important criterion is the price of the mattress, which largely depends of the materials and technologies. Most expensive vacuum mattresses have 5-7 different stiffness zones under different human body parts. Removable covers can be bilateral, with wear-resistant hygienic materials. In addition, vacuum mattresses cases can enhance the effect of the main orthopedic mattress and be composed of high-tech memory foam materials.

In addition, the high-end models of vacuum mattresses apply the latest technologies such as contour cutting foam for the massage effect and the division of the mattress for several functional areas, as well as adding a layer of latex foam on top (Montalese, MagicSleep) for added softness and comfort.

Cheaper analogs of vacuum mattresses have typically the minimum number of layers and zones, economy covers materials and significant limit load.

Mattress Magniflex Merinos
Magniflex mattresses have a special cases, one side of which is made of cotton jacquard (which is especially useful in the summer), and the second – from sheep’s wool (ideal for winter). These are the best mattresses for side sleepers, they are transported in special vacuum packaging, which does not take up much space, even in a car.



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