Buying the best diesel and tri-fuel generators

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To comparing the noise characteristics of different models should be borne in mind that different manufacturers provide data for the noise at different distances (seven meters), and also for various load of generators (usually it is about the nominal capacity).

Automation of gasoline or diesel generator. The unit control and automation system are designed to monitor the state of a power line, protecting consumers from high (low) voltage, as well as gasoline generator to start automatically when the mains voltage is out of tolerance.

The main functions of the control unit

There are two important parameters of every electric generator: the rated power and maximum power. The electric station can work as long as you want within the rated power, until you run out of gas, for example. Maximum power is a temporary mode in which the station can work in the range of 20 – 30 minutes. After this thermal protector and the unit turns off. Suppose the nominal power of the generator 1,3 kW and a maximum 1.5 kW. That is in the range of 1.3 to 1.5 the station works in the time mode to 1.3 kW – continuously. When you want to pick up a generator, you need to pay attention to these parameters.

It should also be said about the correct connection of the portable diesel generator that does not have a system startup. The generator design is afraid of any counter-currents. If you connect the generator to the wiring that connects to the utility network during power outages, and then suddenly the electricity supply is resumed, your generator fails. Such a case is not considered a warranty failure and repair is going to be expensive.



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