Review on infrared gas heaters

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Drying and heating.
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Infrared gas heaters can be used in various industrial processes for drying and heating, is widely used in construction for concrete hardening, quick drying, drying paints, melting ice, etc.

When is still cold in the evenings, and there are also days when you have to hide in the house. This issue is good because it has a beautiful and affordable solution. It’s enough to put on the front porch or on the lawn a gas infrared heater, and you’re in warmth and comfort, and at the same time in the fresh air! One such “umbrella” at street temperature +10 ° C can to maintain the temperature up to +25 ° C in a diameter of 6 meters! Your family will be able to extend a warm chat without fear of catching cold and slowly finish outdoor party.

And if you are the owner of a cafe or restaurant, a gas heaters are simply irreplaceable on the summer terrace. Such several “umbrellas” can detain your guests at tables for a long time and the comfort and warmth make them coming back again and again. The quality, economical autonomy and stylish design make the gas heater as necessary attribute of a comfortable stay in the air.

You may to combine heaters to different capacity for more efficient heating the living rooms. This reduces the energy consumption for heating homes.
Household infrared heaters easily fit into the interior of any room. The infrared electric heaters do not emit odors. Household heaters work silently. In the dark, they do not glow. There is no additional costs using an infrared electric heaters.

You can manually turn on and off the heaters. The heaters must и connected to the mains through the thermostats for more convenience and economy. Thermostat will automatically turn on the heater when the temperature falls below a predetermined value. Infrared heaters are turned off after a signal from the thermostat. Increasingly, infrared heaters are used for additional heating in the winter garden. Also heaters used for heating garden in spring and autumn, when it’s cool and damp.
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